Volume 9,Issue 6,2017 Table of Contents

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Occurrence, Formation mechanism and Control of Nitrosamines disinfection by-products in Water
  LI Zhi-gang, XIAN Qi-ming*
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Changes of Total NitrogenConcentrationin Taihu lakeDuring1987—2016
  FAN Qing-hua,SHEN Hong-jun,ZHANG Tao,ZHANG Yong,LIU Lei,LV Xue-yan
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Energy Status and Analysis on Carbon Emission Factors in Baotou City in 12th Five-Year: Based on Grey Relational Analysis
  LIU Zhi-hong,LIU Juan
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Emission Characteristics and Control of VOCs for Typical Automotive Coating Enterprise in Jiangsu
  XIA Sijia1,QIAO Yuezhen1,MU Su2, ZHAO Qiuyue1
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Determination of Phthalate Esters in Soil by Accelerated Solvent Extraction and Liquid Chromatography
  ZHAO Xinna
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Study on the Performance of Low Concentration Sulfur Dioxide Analyzers Based on Different Principles
  QIAO Zhiwei1,2,WANG Anqi3,ZHANG Zhenxin2,YANG Kai4
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Uncertainty Evaluation in Determination of Nitrogen Oxides from Flue Gas by Fixed Potential Electrolysis Method——Taking Wet Desulfurization and Dust Removal Power Plant as An Example
  CAO Qin
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Effect of Solvent Effects on Organochlorine Pesticides Detected
  YANG Jiu, LIU Xin
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Determination of Trace 2MIB and GSM in Water by HS/SPMEGC/MS/MS
  SUN Hongmei, ZHU Yumei,ZHOU Jun
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Influencing Factors and Improvement of the Methods for Determination of Total Nitrogen In Water
  HUANG Wen ting, ZHOU Jun,ZHANG Qilei
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  HE Tao, YE Xiang, PENG Yan, XU Puqing, XIA Jing
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Spatial Temporal Variation Characteristics and Reason Analysis of PM2.5 Concentration in Zhuhai
  ZHAO Xinfeng1, ZHONG Xin2*, HU Jiacong2 etc.
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Health Risk Assessment of Dioxins in Soil from in and around A Chemical Company
  ZHAI Youpeng1, YANG Wenwu1*, ZHANG Zongxiang1,XU Lei2
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Suggestions on the Capacity Building of the Municipal Environmental Monitoring Station under Vertical Management
  ZHOU Jun, HUANG Wenting, CHEN Qiao
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Brief Comments on the Pathway for Restoring the Authenticity of Monitoring Data
  AN Kezhen, ZOU Yingjie
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Formation Mechanism and Prevention and Control Measures of Dioxin in Iron Ore Sintering
  LI Man,TIAN Zhiren,YOU Yang,YANG Weiwei
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