Volume 10,Issue 1,2018 Table of Contents

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Thoughts about Vertical Management System Reform of Environmental Monitoring Institutions in Jiangsu Province
  CHENG Wei,WANG Jing shun,FAN Qing hua
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Study on the Contribution of Vehicles to Ammonia Emission of Shanghai Atmospheric Environment Based on Tunnel Method
  ZOU Zhong1,CHANG Yunhua2*
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Preliminary Study on Construction of Small scale Water Quality Automatic Monitoring System Based on BOO Model in Zhenjiang
  LUO Gang1,HU Ning2
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Design and Application of Environmental Online Monitoring Data Switching System
  CAI Wanghua
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Optimization of Conditions for Determination of PAHs in Soil by HPLC
  ZHAI Youpeng, GU Yun, DING Jinmei
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Study on Application of Online GCMS in Determining Volatile Organic Compounds in Surface Water
  ZHONG Sheng1,2, CUI Jiayu3
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Comparison of the New and Old Version Standard of Water QualityDetermination of the Chemical Oxygen DemandDichromate Method
  YE Minqiang, CAO Lei, LI Qiutong, ZHANG Li
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Development on Determination of Methylmercury in Water Samples
  YANG Lili, WANG Meifei, HU Enyu, DAI Wei
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Comparison of Three Uncertainty Evaluation Methods for Environmental Monitoring—Taking the Determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand in Water as an Example
  BAI Yungang
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Automobile Emission and Shared Detection——Taking an Example of the Result of Telemetry Test of Gasoline Car in Nanjing
  TAO Huafen,BAO Chuanfei,TIAN Taojie,XU Ting,SUN Kai
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Characteristics of Single Particle Aerosols during a Sandstorm in Zhangjiakou
  BI Yanru1, HUANG Bo1, LI Mei2,3*
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Research on Emission Characteristics of Family Cooking Fume
  GUO Hao, ZHANG Xiuxi, DING Zhiwei, LIU Mingyue, TAN Xiaoxia
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Seasonal Variation of Cyanobacterial Population and Microcystin in Three Reservoirs for Drinking Water Supply in Shaoguan City
  HUANG Cheng, QIU Jieting
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Applications of Risk Assessment of Sudden Environmental Emergencies in Administrative Division
  HUA Juan1,ZHAO Zhigang1,LI Wenqi1,JIAO Tao2,LIU Mengfei2
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A Brief Discussion on the Status Quo and Countermeasures of Quality Management of County level Environmental Monitoring
  FENG Sheng
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